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Claire Simpson

Artist based in Derbyshire, England

I grew up in Derbyshire where I currently live and work.


Having graduated from Loughborough University with a degree in Textile Design, I went on, along with many graduates, to do a series of completely unrelated jobs.

Luckily, I decided to pack a sketchbook in my suitcase on a trip to New Zealand - which, after a year or two of little practice - inspired me to draw again.


Being a huge animal lover, I came home with the idea of creating pet portraits and wildlife drawings, and bought a tin of expensive coloured pencils to confirm this. In order to create a life-like and characterful image, I capture the subject in minute detail, as apparently I have the patience of a saint. I’m a little obsessed with my dog Archie, and spend way too much of my day pandering to this high maintenance canine and talking to him in a stupid voice.


Booking your own pet portrait with me is very simple and makes the perfect gift - just send me your favourite pet photos and I’ll do the rest.

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